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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

York Peppermint Pattie

I have ALWAYS loved a 'York peppermint pattie' ! I love the commercials, you know the ones I'm talking about where they say 'When I bite into a York peppermint pattie I get the sensation of skiing down a mountainside in the Swiss Alps!' 

"Well honestly when I bite into a York peppermint pattie I get the sensation that I am in a nice cold swimming pool on a hot southern July day, free of children, and no stresses in the world!"

I love them SO much that today at the grocery store I bought 5 of them and I'm eating the last one now! I know I know, how am I EVER gonna get to my New Year's resolution?! Well let me tell you at this point, I'm OKAY with not reaching that resolution in the bliss of this candy. After the week I have had I'm not sure I care about resolutions anymore.

If you have NEVER had a York peppermint pattie, PLEASE OH PLEASE, give yourself the pleasure & go pick one up today, you will not be disappointed! 

Wait remember though it says 'peppermint' in the title so if you are one of those few people who do not like peppermint, move on....and save those yummy 'Calgon, take me away' treats for me, I assure you I will eat your share!

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  1. Have you ever put them in the freezer? They are so good that way too! I'm following from MBC. You can find me here: