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Monday, January 18, 2010

Movie Monday's--> 'Jennifer's Body'


Okay let me start off by saying this 'Megan Fox' is an awesome actress who got herself cast into a HORRIBLE movie. You know I used to think that actors/actresses who were cast in these movies with absolutely atrocious plots or shall I say a 'lack of' a plot altogether were ignorant or better yet I would just blame it on their agent. Not the case, I just think this was absolute BAD LUCK for 'Megan Fox' !

I watched this movie a little over a week ago & let me tell you with all those trailers that I had watched over the previous weeks my hopes were clean up to the clouds at what this movie was going to do. I have been an avid horror movie genre 'fanatic' since I was like 5 years old. I've been watching Elm Street, Jason, Child's Play & any other scary movie since I was old enough to know what a movie was & have loved every minute of a good horror flick. This was my first absolute 'disgust' at a horror movie!

At first it seems as if 'Megan Fox' is this absolute B*tch who is just befriending this nerd of a girl, just to look good for everyone else. Not true they are really best friends, which seems sweet and all but she 'Megan Fox' continually verbally abuses her best friend to the point of making me want to jump through the screen & beat her face in. Then for whatever reason they go to this 'rinky dink' bar in their 'one horse town' to hear some band from the city, because 'Megan Fox' thinks they are 'salty' (not sure about the meaning of this word, maybe its something the teenagers are using today to say a guy looks good, IDK).  I knew when they got in there the movie was just going down hill. 

Now not to give it all away 'just in case' you decide to see this butchered version of a horror film I will not tell you any more of the story. 

However, I will tell you that the plot was 'horrendous' in every meaning of the word. It was not scary, & even at the lack of it being scary it could not even be misconstrued as funny :( The writers of this movie must have had WAY TOO much time on their hands! The plot floated around, never really flowing together or connecting, you have to think too hard to make it all fit, but even then the movie is NO good.

I usually do not like saying anything bad about a horror film because I adore them so much, but I just can not let anyone waste time or money on this movie. Jennifer's Body makes you think that this is going to be some 'sex' filled movie...think again!~ Its about her body, but trust me not in a way you will ever think, and ends in a way that leaves you going, huh?? 

My overall rating for this film is going to be a "D" based on the apparent assumption that some effort was made to have a blockbuster film & for the actress in it!!


  1. I am not a horror fan so I would pass on this one, especially after this post, too...lol

    So psyched you will join us for Theta Mom Thursday! Should be FUN!!!

  2. I have heard that this movie really wasn't anything to talk about...
    Now following you from MBC!

  3. I am visiting from friends follow friends at MBC.


  4. This movie made me laugh so hard! It was so cheesy. Reminds me of that show in the 90's that used to play short horror movies.....funny funny.

  5. Hmmmm, I received the book to review (isn't it funny how things just show up sometimes?) and I haven't had a chance to read it yet! I'm guessing that unless I really really really like the book, based on your review, I won't be watching the movie! Thanks :)

  6. You know I am an avid reader & have read many books before watching the movie, & most times from paper to screen so much gets lost between the two. I much rather enjoy reading than watching, so the book may be better! Yet the movie leaves me never wanting to watch again!