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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids Do the Darndest Things

Okay so I have never really been a fan of the whole potty training thing...I know you're thinking you have 3 kids, why would you NOT  want them to be potty trained? Well its not that I don't want them to be potty trained its just that my kids are so STUBBORN & very independent to the point that its annoying, because I can NEVER teach them anything!

So my 2 oldest are potty trained, with the oldest being able to take himself to the bathroom (or so I thought) & the middle one needing assistance to get on and off the toilet as well as wiping. Last night, my brother took the middle one (Brooke) to the bathroom, flushed the toilet then walked out. I went in after to use the restroom & what do I see but a toilet on the verge of FLOODING! UGH!

I call him in there & promptly say 'where's the plunger?' *Not my house, my mother's & we've only been here a little over a month, so I still don't know where everything is.* He looks at me confused & my mother yells across the house 'we don't have one!' WTF! How do you have a bathroom & NOT have a plunger?! This is something I will never understand for as long as I live.

So the toilet stays backed up through the night, after failed attempts to make it go down by messing with the tank & all those 'contraptions' that make up the inner workings of a toilet. My mother & brother get up this morning & head off to the hardware store, just 5 minutes downs the road (in a small town like this, trust me we are blessed to have even that, the closest Wal-mart is 30 minutes either way). They come back & my mother proceeds to try to 'plunge' the toilet stating she knows what she's doing & my brother doesn't.

This is a new plunger mind you, NEVER used & has NOT been broken in. She flushes & gets ready to plunge, with failed attempts she is frantically plunging & finally after about 8 good plunges, during just 1 flush, she gets it to go down. LMBO :) I was cracking up, cause she was like 'I am woman hear me roar!' Then she can't even get the plunger to work, lol! 

Okay so as for the 'Kids Do the Darndest Things' part, why was it backed up?? Toilet paper, my 5 year old, who should be able to go to the bathroom by himself, continually proceeds to use about 20 sheets of toilet paper EACH time he goes to the bathroom to wipe his rearend, ugh!! So you see my dilema. I have told him SO many times, you don't need that much if you wipe it like mommy told you, your rearend will get clean. His response 'mama, I don't want to get poopy on my hand, that's why I use so much!'

Well thank goodness that he doesn't want to play with poop! I mean so many kids today just don't care, they even eat it. Ventured to the park one day & saw a kid sticking his hands down the back of his pants & putting whatever he was brining out back into his mouth, YUCK!  I guess there is one benefit to that thought pattern, it is a form of recycling :0

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  1. Hahaha! I'm so sorry! I know it's just a hastle now, but it will be funny later. I've potty trained 2 without problems, but my 3rd is giving me heck. Crazy little thing thinks she knows everything. And she's only 2. LOL.

    Following from MBC. Stop by my blog sometime too!

  2. Hi! Cute blog...following from MBC.