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Monday, January 25, 2010

Movie Monday's--> 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas'

The Boy in  the Striped Pajamas

This movie was one of the most touching movie I have seen in years & let me promise you it takes a lot to reach me with a movie. The last movie I watched that was based on historical events was Titanic. I believe that movies based on historical events, whether completely real or only in part are very intriguing. It almost takes me to that time in our world, when things seemed so unbalanced for some, yet so in-tuned for others.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is based out of WWII in Germany during the Holocaust. I am an avid fan (not to say I approve of this happening by any means, but that I enjoy learning about it) of that period and the events that took place. My heart aches every time I think of the horrible things those people went through, just because of one 'ignorant' man and his 'unintelligent' thinking. This book is based on a best selling novel by 'John Boyne,' the son (Bruno) of a Nazi officer is moved just outside of a concentration camp, yet he at the young and tender age of 8 knows nothing of the horrors going on in his backyard. He befriends a young boy his age, living inside the concentration camp and from that point your heart just aches for what grows into such loving, compassionate innocence.

I will not tell you anymore, but I will ENCOURAGE you to watch this movie. I think this movie could be a wonderful conversation starter for any party, family get together, or a way to introduce your older child to some compassionate, forgiving, unconditional love from a friend.

I have cried over many movies, but this movie just tugged at my heart string more than I can say. You will truly feel as if you are walking in the shoes of each and every character in this movie. Bruno's sister is the complete opposite of him, she knows of the war and what is happening and she even wants to follow in the footsteps of girls portrayed in the media. Its absolutely heart wrenching to think that the outcome of this movie could have ever happened, but I truly believe this is an eye opener for all forms of racism. This movie helped me to remember that we are ALL created equal in the eyes of God, therefore we should treat one another as if love is the only thing holding us together, and without it we can NOT go on.



  1. I saw the movie and totally loved it. It was really heartbreaking. I cried many times over the movie too.

  2. This is definately a great movie but man oh man did I bawl my eyes out during this one!

  3. if you have not read 'night' I think you will enjoy it, as much as a book like that can be enjoyed, but it is quick read. thanks for following, have returned the favour. All the best, Coryanne

  4. I will check it out. Following you from mbc. Have a great day!

  5. Gahhhh....I'm getting weepy just reading your review. I'll have to check this out.

  6. This movie looks so good! I found you on MBC, check out my blog if you get a chance