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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Beginning

I know the only way to find my new path in life is to start at the beginning. I must make sure to never skip a step or leave anything or anyone behind. I am going to do it my way & what works for me...if you wish to follow & be there with me & we are meant to be then I will see you at the ending. Hopefully tho that ending won't be for a very long time...but in the mean time, let us learn to be friends again.

What is a friend? A friend is someone you can rely on, trust, depend on. A friend will love me & be my rock, my shoulder to cry on...can you be that for me?? I hope so! We have shared so much together & had so many good times along the way. A family is the blessing God bestowed upon us & yet we have seemed to muss it up along the way. I know that it is only by the grace of God we made it this far. 

I know an 'ex' is an 'ex' but I know that if it is true love you & I will always find our way together. We both seemded to have lost our way somewhere down this crooked path we've been walking & I intend on finding the directions back to where I want to end up. I hope that you find yours as well...I don't want to hike on this trail without you, I want you to see the sunrise with me too...to hold my hand & let me fall asleep on your should...but I want love & safety, most of all safety!!

Stability, safety, & comfort is what I need...stability in a job (in light of the poor shape of our current economy), safety that knows you are my protector not my abuser (love me don't fight me), comfort to know that we are always comfortable together regardless of the disagreement taking place.

Be my best friend & never leave my side, always hold my hand no matter how upset we are...no matter how many tears we shed or ugly words we throw be with me...but first find yourself...I'll wait for you if you wait for me. Be my friend until the end, walk with me through lifes struggles & joys...I don't want anyone else...but I don't want nor will I go back to what we were. It will take time & time I'm going to take because this time it's going to be done right...not with or in haste but patience & love!!

Follow me to the beginning, through the middle, and straight around the end!

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