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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What We've Been Up To

I haven't really given you much of what we've been doing lately, well Monday of last week mama & myself took the kids & went to the zoo. It was beautiful! Almost 70 degrees here, we took the stroller & put E in it, then rented one from the zoo for B & of course we made A walk, lol! Here are some pictures of that...

Austin standing by the Pin Flamingo's , he thought they were cool because they can stand on one foot & not fall over...he's still working on that!

Brooke riding on the Merry-Go-Round on her manatee...she tried & tried to say that word but it never came out right...gotta love her 2 1/2 year old talk!


Ethan enjoying his stroller ride in the warm sun! He took so many naps that day & loved looking at the animals.

All 3 kids & myself...check out each of their faces its funny how they are all looking differently!

Mama & all 3 kids...she enjoyed spending the day with us @ the zoo!

Saturday we spent the day with daddy & S-mom...we went to McDonald's & Walmart...I enjoyed having the 'old' daddy back, he was an absolute riot!! I didn't realize how much I missed him & I'm so grateful he's back!

Ethan looks so much like him! I'm loving having my daddy back & I think he's glad to be back!!

Love it! That's my mini me & my daddy...I think the uncanny resemblance makes it so easy for them to get along.

She kept saying 'Paw, you hungry? Here eat this!" She's concentrating so hard on him getting her fingers, lol!

I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world, regardless of how hectic it is every day! I cherish these memories for everything they are worth, the good & the bad. I know some women just don't want to have kids, but I can NOT imagine my life without these precious blessings!

I know too, that without my mama & daddy, I would NOT be the mama that I am today or the woman! Thank you both for all you've done...not only did God bless me with 3 wonderful children, but he blessed me with such loving & wonderful parents!!

No S-mom I haven't forgotten about you, I love you too!!

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  1. awww the pictures are beautiful and I love the realtionship you have with your parents. its beautiful to see someone say they love their parents like you did.

    Thank you for following my blog (that you found on twitter moms ;)) i am following you as well ;)
    have a great week ;)