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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Story Line Saturday's

Okay for all my faithful followers out there I'm going to try & bring something new to my blog, that will give me a little bit of a schedule & let you know what to look forward to each week. I will have 3 days a week set for specific topics that I will be blogging on. Here is a list of what I plan on doing:

  • "Movie" Monday's (this will be about the most recent movie I have watched & my review)
  • Tuesday
  • "Word" of the day Wednesday (this will be a word either currently popular or maybe one everyone does not know)
  • Thursday
  • Friday 
  • "Story Line" Saturday's (this is going to be about a popular story line currently in the news)
  • Sunday
On to my Story Line Saturday's topic of the day: HAITI EARTHQUAKE

Now let me start by saying I am a very caring, compassionate, & loving person regardless of race, creed, economic status, intelligence, sex, sexual orientation, or any other stereotype that can be misconstrued as a way to discriminate someone.

I am all for helping another country in their time of need, especially when they can not at the present moment help themselves for whatever reason...but I'm going to climb up on my soap box tonight & there are several reasons why so here we go:

  1. We are presently sending $100 Million dollars in aid over to Haiti when we are presently in a RECESSION, & can not stand on our own 2 feet as a country...SEE THE PROBLEM?!
  2. When September 11th occurred, I do not recall (& please if I'm wrong, let me know) see any other country coming to the aid of America?!
  3. What are we doing for the people of our country who are without homes, water, food, jobs struggling through their own disasters?? 
For the life of me I just can NOT understand how in the world we can send that kind of money over for aid (not that I don't think we should help, please understand that I know they need help & we should WHERE WE CAN) but we are still having a massive percentage of job loss across the nation each month, problems with corporations handing out big bonuses with the bailout money they were given by the government with our tax dollars instead of using them to fix the problems that got them into this mess to begin with??

In my state, actually my town & the town over, we have 1 of the highest unemployment rates across the nation somewhere around 19%?! See what I mean, where is the aid for my state, to replenish jobs, aid in foreclosures, housing?? In a big city just north of here there is a woman & her 4 year old little girl who were on the news & they are homeless, why? Job loss! So why are we not helping her out??

As for 9/11 I do not remember any country coming to our aid when we were ATTACKED on our own soil (mind you now that was not a natural disaster), we stood & retaliated by helping our own & going overseas to fight & show that we were not going to take any sort of back door, sneak up behind you because we don't have the balls to hit you from the front, sort of mentality. Where was our help? That was the MOST tragic thing I had witnessed in my 20 years of living in this beautiful country & even though I did not have anyone in those buildings or planes my heart aches at the loss of those people!!

We make it such a prominent news story when there is a disaster in another country, that we seem to forget that there are people right here, just outside your door that have no home, food, water, clothes! Do you know how hard it is to go to bed every night not knowing if the next day will be the last day you are in your house? Do you know how hard it is going to bed every night & wonder endlessly what bill can wait & which one should I pay? I do & let me tell you it's not easy for any one...the government looks at me like, eh, well she'll get by just fine...how am I supposed to tell a 5yr old, 2 yr old, & 10mth old that?? What are we doing to help our own citizens, our own neighbors, our own community??

I stand up on this soap box to say this "We first must help those in need right outside our front doors & in our back yards before we can begin to help others, because if we shove those closest to us aside, just to make sure we don't look bad in the light of a disaster for another country, because we did not help, what are we saying to those who are here & going through their own disaster, those that we are NOT helping?! 


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