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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Story Line Saturday's

Tonight's lovely story is going to be on a well known comedian/actor 'Andy Dick'...here is the link to where I read the story to begin with http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100123/ap_on_en_ot/us_people_andy_dick

Let me first start by saying why do these celebrities think they are entitled to do whatever they want & never want to admit to their wrong doings. Andy is stunned by the allegations...what? Really so these people are just gonna make this up, for what? In the hopes that you go to jail, because they have some evil plan against you because you have wronged them somehow??

All of these celebrities who keep getting caught, yet claim to have done nothing wrong, don't want to pay for their crime, (prime example Paris Hilton)...they need to understand that just because we 'common' people are not rich & famous does not by any definition of the word makes us ignorant or unintelligent. Do they not know that we are the ones who put them where they are, make their movies best sellers, buy their merchandise, come to their appearances, spread the word of their 'greatness' (right, I'm laughing now) & help get their fame much higher because we are the audience, the ones who decide 'What's hot? What's not!'

CELEBRITIES...wake up! Get a grip on life & understand if you must be ignorant & assault someone, drive drunk, go into a club illegally, do drugs, or all together anything you think us 'common' people are the only ones doing...you will eventually get caught...you always do! You are not above the law & justice will prevail...maybe not in the time frame I am looking for, but I believe that you will get yours & I will sit back & bask in the glory that is you being punished!!

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  1. If you read Kathy Griffins book you'd be shocked that he's not in prison by now....or found dead in a gutter at the hands of one of those bouncers he's molested!! He's a serious nutcase!!