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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Word of the Day Wednesday

Okay I did a lot of searching to find just the word that would make the first Word of the Day Wednesday successful & since many of my followers are mommies I thought it only suiting to use this word that I found & play on it quite nicely: MOMMY CARD

  • a calling card that includes a mother's name & contact information
This word & product was coined & designed by Carrie Hendrix due to the overwhelming fact that many people who are not parents or mothers (ie. father's) that being a mommy is a JOB! 

Essentially this is a business card for mommies & some of them even come with ribbon snaked through them to make them stand out from the every day business card.

I do love the word, however I am not so sure on the actual use of the card or where it would be appropriate to hand these cards out. I mean you're not selling your parenting to anyone & many parents just follow their own style so they are not coming to you for advice. Plus its not like you are just going to walk up to a pregnant woman & say 'here this is my mommy card, contact me if you need my help?!' 

I mean if anyone else reading this sees some benefits from this or where this could be used let me know. They (other mommies) are stating that at playgrounds, playgroups, soccer games, other family/child oriented activities you pass out your card for quick info. Okay so I'm just gonna after one conversation give a complete stranger (regardless of the fact that our kids play on the same t-ball team) my personal info?! Not so sure about that, I'm not that crazy lady that worries about everything, but come on you have to watch who you hand out your information to, right?!

Okay so here's my questions to all you mommies
  1. Would you ever have a 'mommy card' ?
  2. What would your 'mommy card' say about you?
  3. Would you have some nifty design on it?
  4. Where would you use this 'mommy card' ?
  5. In what situation would you use this 'mommy card' (ie. meeting a new friend, business opportunity) ?


  1. Being in the corporate world (and not being a mommy) my answer might come from a different point of view: being that networking is everything! The more contacts you have the more resources are available to you. Those cards could have your name, email address (one created specifically for the card) and your blogsite. It's a great way to share information, without giving phone numbers or addresses. I think it's a way cute idea, but again- not a mommy here so not sure how much my vote counts! :)

  2. Ashley, I definitely think that networking is key especially if your are trying a hand a PR or just wanting to get your name out there. I guess for someone like me who never goes anywhere other than the grocery store or to pick up the kids from school networking (other than online) is pretty limited. I do appreciate your feedback tho, regardless of the fact that you're not a mommy, its nice to see what other people think :) Hugs!

  3. I get the idea but I don't know if i'd have a mommy card. It's something to think about though. I have considered getting cards made for my blog. Thanks for checking out my blog. I used to live in Kershaw county in SC. I too have 3 kids (boys) and am divorced (but not remarried to a wonderful guy). It's hard but we get through.

  4. Interesting...I think it's a cute idea...I'm not really sure I would use it, though. I usually just plug everything right into my blackberry!
    Thanks for popping by today!

  5. Not sure about a card, but I'm certainly always willing to make some new connections with other moms. Being able to share stories and ideas and frustrations is a great way for us to take care of ourselves and each other.

  6. When I first had my DD in 2007, I made mommycards, but didn't give them out to anyone. It had our names, phone number and email address.

  7. Great to hear from each of you! I do think its a great idea to make new connections, but if any of you mama's are like me holding onto a 'mommy card' is virtually impossible. I can't hold onto the appointment card from the doctor, so putting into my blackberry when I meet you is much easier!

  8. Stopping by from Friday Follow! Happy Friday!