Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ugh!!! What a day ;)

Okay so today was one of those days that every stay at home mother has nightmare's of! It started with my 9 month old just not cooperating in any way that normally makes sense and continually screaming, crying, or just whining. I know you're saying well he's just 9 months, but let me tell you this boy does not have these kinds of days. He is normally (*unless he is hungry or wet) the kind of baby that just plays by himself, smiles and laughs at just about everything. Here are some pictures of what I'm talking about:

Okay so as you see that is my boy, in the second one he is with his Nana, which is the absolute sweetest pic I have ever seen ( he looks just like my brother & daddy combined, with my eyes & hair). So when he was just an absolute whine box today I was so frustrated :( I nursed him, changed his diaper, rocked him, fed him some baby food, played with him, tried (that's the key word) to lay him down for a nap...but nothing would work. I just got him down now, in the middle of trying to blog...Lord I hope he stays down this time, he's barely slept at ALL today!

So next on the agenda I tried to spend a little time with the two older one's since I kept Austin out of preschool today and thought hey let's color together. Since when asked 'what is your favorite part of school?' Austin then replies "coloring because I get to use markers!" This child absolutely loves to color and although I hate to admit it he did not get that artistic talent or love for art from me. He got that love from the *gem that is his father. His daddy, although my least favorite person in the world, has an incredible talent!! He can draw with any utensil be it pencil, crayon, marker, charcoal with his eyes closed whether he's drawing from memory or just looking at something. I think that Austin has picked it up and hopefully he will hang on to it and use it. So we colored and here's some of the fun, plus a picture of some of the finished products:


Now mind you the coloring was fun, takes me back to the elementary school days when that was the most work you had to put forth, the pain in your hand from coloring so much so fast, lol (you know you remember that pain). Anyways after the fun was over Brooke decides lets pitch some fits so we can drive mama even more insane that she already is from Ethan not being his normal self. This child persists to listen to nothing I say, do nothing I say, pitch fits to the point of making herself sick (all because she was getting down off my lap so I helped her down, she then proceeds to tell me that she wanted on my lap and screams at me, then I put her the hall for a time out, and what does she do...ugh!) so I leave her in the hall for a few minutes until she calms down, then we eat dinner, let me say everyone but her ate dinner, first she says 'my tummy's hurting, I don't want any spaghetti' I say okay you want some bread...'yes I want some bread'...I give her the bread, but not before taking off the crust (even on garlic bread she hates the crust) and she just looks at me for a few and says 'I don't want it I'm sleepy'...I clean her off and say go lay down in the rocking chair until mommy is done with her dinner...'no I want some milk'...well I didn't get to the store today so I give her orange juice, she drinks it. Once I'm done I get her and Austin some pj's and they dress within a few minutes she says 'I gotta poop' so we start to the bathroom and I notice that she is walking funny, I get her in there and she has poop in her underwear (mind you not diahrrea but regular poop). Oh my, I was livid by this point, she now has poop on her legs because she wouldn't listen to me about getting the panties off, then I'm trying to clean it off the toilet where it is also at, then for an hour she fights me to go to sleep...UGH!!

Calgon Take Me Away!!

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