Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Exercise & How Kids Think :)

Okay so today Austin was talking about 'exercising.' He gets in these moods where he's really stuck on just one subject and asks lots of questions about it until he's satisfied. Of course, then Brooke has to join in, mostly just doing what Austin does and giving her opinion of the situation. So here is a quick dialog between Austin, Brooke, & myself about exercise:

Me: "Austin, why do we exercise?"
Austin: "So we can be healthy mama."
Me: "What kind of exercises can we do?"

Austin: "Running, walking, jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups...that kind of stuff mama."
Me: "What else can we do to be health
Austin: "Eat healthy foods like vegetables and
Me: "What's your favorite vegetable?"
Austin: "The best vegetable in the world mama, a tomato!"
Me: "Good, what's your favorite fruit?"

Austin: "Apples mama, but you know that a tomato is really a fruit too!"
*He's too smart!
Me: "That's right, it is a fruit! Brooke, what's your favorite vegetable?"
Brooke: "Tatoes (potatoes) and carrots."
Me: "Good, those are good vegetables. Wha
t's your favorite fruit?"
Brooke: "Apples."
*Every time this girl goes to her Paw & E's house she has to have an apple and trust me she eats the thing whole with practically nothing left
but a few seeds in the core.

So here's a few pictures of the kids showing off their 'exercise' skills today. Hope you enjoy!!

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