Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas w/ the Extended Family

Let me start by saying that I have a very 'weird' relationship with my step-mother and her family, on top of the 'weird' relationship that my mother & step-mother have. What is that 'weird' relationship you ask? Well we are all close, my mother & step-mother are 'BEST FRIENDS', yes I said it. I frequent my step-mother's family get togethers as if I were blood kin and no one thinks any different.

So tonight we were off to the 'Blackmon Family Christmas Party,' where we entertained ourselves with good food, presents, and family company. I love getting together with my step-mother's family for so many reasons, but the main reason is that her mother 'Granny Ruth' treats myself & my children just as if we were her own. She never thinks twice about calling me her granddaughter or my children her great grandchildren and it just lights my heart up because they do not have my ex's mother in their life (nor will they ever) and I believe a child needs all the 'good' kind of love they can come by, especially when parents separate.

The next reason I enjoy getting together especially at Christmastime is the 'little balls of heaven wrapped in chocolate' that Granny Ruth makes...OMG!! Their real name is 'Martha Washington balls'. They are wonderful to the point of I will fight you for the last one, I'm gonna give you a pic.

Anyways so I took a few pictures of the goings on with presents being opened and such. I'm sure everyone knows that with the economic state of our country at this moment that $$ is scarce for pretty much everyone so the only people that got gifts were the children. I am so glad that my children do not get toys regularly throughout the year because when their Birthday's & Christmas come they are so much more grateful for what they do receive and are able to show a great deal of gratitude for what the person gave them regardless of the amount spent on the present.

As for what I got out of today I learned that family is not based solely on last names, DNA, or blood lines...but on who you love and who takes care of you & vice versa. Its the people that are always there for you through thick and thin, regardless of the situation and will drop what they are doing to make it to you. Thank you God for the blessing that is my WHOLE family!!

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