Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stupid Criminals

Okay I know this is an overrated subject, but I must touch on it in light of the stories in the news today. In my area there was a robber who frequented banks over the last 5 years, his name "The Bearded Bandit?!" WTF?...Okay he wore some sort of facial (mostly beards) with hats, glasses, different color clothes...and the police after 5 years said they couldn't up until recently tell their 'race' ? Seriously by their nose, cheeks you couldn't tell what color they were?? I could see CLEARLY in every surveillance video from the banks what 'race' they were.

I guess my biggest question would be to the criminals..."What brought you to rob these banks...and did you think you would get away with it?" Apparently so, and really did you think you were Jesse James...cause you're not, lol!! Sometimes I wonder how stupid you have to be to disguise yourself, rob the bank with a note that says 'put all the money in the bag,' then on the other side of the note is 'your check' with 'your name, address & phone number' WTF?? I mean if I were going to rob somewhere I would wrap myself in saran wrap (no DNA transfer), wear a shower cap (can't leave hairs behind), gloves (for no finger prints), shoe covers (so they can't trace the kind of shoe I wear), a helicopter (so they can't chase me in my get away, *which when you think about it, if you can afford a helicopter, why are you robbing a bank?) Seriously cover ALL your bases before you go doing something stupid and taking a HUGE chance on ruining your life, your family's life, and other people's lives!! 

Now as for what drives these people to do these 'stupid' events...my ex's uncle was paying child support and the state he was paying through was said to 'rob a man blind to pay child support', essentially leaving the man no money to live off of...he felt so overwhelmed and had no money that he robbed a bank! WTF!! *I know this should have been my first sign to a dysfunctional family and that I should 'STAY AWAY!' Anyways why rob from the bank, 'where you gonna take it to the family court and say here I want to pay off the rest of my child support, or were you gonna use it to live off of?'

Next, your predecessors didn't get away with it, what makes you any different or more 'criminal like' that you will get away with it? I mean did you come up with some 'wicked' plan that is going to revolutionalize the way a robbery takes place, so that all current & future criminals can get away with this 'master plan' as well?! YOU'RE CRAZY...You will be caught like all those before you...WHY?...because most places that have money have surveillance cameras and they have this thing called a recording that they can go back and look at to look at your 'mug shot' so they can one day *hopefully sooner then later, pick up your 'criminal mind' and put your behind bars!!

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