Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Birthdays-->Your Special Day

I know this is such a boring topic, but it means a lot to me and always has. Today is my birthday...'Yeah for me!! WOOT WOOT! Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!'...Okay I'm off my soap box now, on to the good stuff. So I have always thought that birthdays are each individual person's most special day of the year. There is no 'one' person that shares a birthday with anyone else...'I know you're thinking she's crazy,' but hear me out. Although there are probably 'millions' of people born on the same day as you..there is no other 'one' or more people born on the same day, time, year, day of the week, month, and second as you. Honestly if there was some way to catalog the birthday's of the world I bet you couldn't find one pair that matched exactly.

I believe that God infinitely picked out the exact specifics for each and everyone of us just to make that moment in time special for us and to me that is the most special gift we could ever receive. I mean most everyone celebrates Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and so on; but your birthday is the one day of the year that you can bask in the glory that is your life. Despite all the things that you think are 'horrible' in your life, please remember it could be worse you could 'not' be here...or you could have the life of say someone in prison or say someone with a life much less blessed than your own. It's a day when you get to hear birthday wishes, love and concern from your friends and family & to me that is so special. If I never got another gift on another birthday I would be 'A' okay, and let met tell you all I got in the way of a gift was 2 packs of socks (*no I'm not kidding). So honestly I come from nothing but yet I have so much and feel so blessed!!

So the next time you think that a birthday is just another day remember that it is the complete opposite of that and so much more! You are special & important in so many ways to so many people and you matter, no matter how bad you think life is right now (*trust me I'm one to know) it can ALWAYS get so much worse. I feel completely blessed to have a birthday, even though it is right there with Christmas and so many people do forget it (even those in my family) but that's okay because I know I'm loved & thought about by so many and I appreciate that in so many ways. I know that despite my current trials that the Lord has blessed me beyond what I acknowledge Him for and sometimes I feel ashamed of the lack of thanks that I give to Him for all those blessings; but I know that what I have received in the way of gifts is no greater than my birth & the salvation that I was provided. Jesus was born unto this earth just as you & I, He walked this earth & lived just the same, then for us He died so that we could spend eternity in Heaven and not spend it in hell...I could not think of a greater gift than on that note..."Lord I thank you for my salvation for the most precious present I will ever receive on this day of my birth, your love that was so enormous that you gave your only son to die for my sins and give me everlasting life!!"

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