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Sunday, November 22, 2009

About Me

I am a newly single mother to three wonderful children ages 5, 2, & 10 months. My current job is mother/student. I am enrolled in school earning my MBA & should be finished in a little less than two years. This blog started out just as a way to vent my feelings & emotions on the roller coaster that was the separation of my marriage. I have since made many friends & connections that I hope I can continue on with. My blog is still very personal to me, but I am trying a hand at PR/Giveaways. My love for writing extends into almost everything I do, so I thought 'why not use it to help someone else out?!' I am a southern woman who loves the simple things in life & enjoys nothing more than spending time with my children. A warm summer evening spent on a front porch with a cup of sweet tea is the perfect evening to me.


  1. How do you do it girl? You are such an inspiration. Your site is great, I'll be back as you are now one of my favorites!

    I found you on Twitter Moms and I am so glad.