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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


 "Affordable Designs for You"

Do you blog? Are you tired of that same old premade template provided by your blog system? As a mommy blogger (as I’m sure many of you are) I wanted something that said ‘this is me’ and was an original! That’s when I went to ‘Affordable Designs for You.’ Affordable Designs for You is a new blog design site ready to help you make your blog say something about ‘you!’

The current blog design you are looking at on my blog is an original by ‘Affordable Designs for You’…which is just one of the many options they can provide. The main package they provide is the Custom Blog Design which can be a 2 or 3 Column, background of your choice, custom header, a 125 x 125 button to match, a signature, & custom side bar plus title post font…all of this for only $20!! Now to me that’s an amazing price because other sites I have visited would charge up to $60 for this package & in this current economy that’s out of the question for most people. They also provide a mix & match option which is a background change for $4, 125 x 125 button for $4, a custom header $6, a signature $4, & up to 6 sidebar labels for $5. Don't forget they have freebies as well! If you want something done that they do not list just email them for prompt and courteous service to any of your needs.

‘Affordable Designs for You’ made it very easy to choose the theme I wanted for my blog. They provided me with several sites which I could visit and choose a background or kit from, along with helping me decide what I wanted in the header. I was frequently kept up to date with the process of designing my new blog and as each addition to the site was designed I was sent an email with a sample link in it to view for my liking. So whether you blog just for fun or you a mommy blogger who does PR/Giveaways & want a more professional or updated look then look no further. Never did I have a problem communicating with them or having a question answered when I did not like something or wanted to change something.

This blog design site is family friendly and very personable; you will not have to worry about dealing with a computer generated email or waiting for days to receive a follow-up email. I could not have been happier with the service & product that I received from ‘Affordable Designs for You.’ Follow the button below to visit the site & let them know that Katrina sent you.

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